The properties and the compacting of stone ware allow us to produce big and slim ceramics slabs
(1M/3M 1.60M/3.20M) from 3mm to 6.5mm These ceramics slabs are light, resistant,flexible.Thanks to
their weight and tecnically advanced features They are perfectly suitable for interior design (floor,walls,furniture) of your Yacht or ships in general with the type of products, architects have a new possibility to cover the interior completely (bathroom,kitchen,bedroom furniture) This ceramics slabs offer a new alternative to replace natural stone.This support presents infinite textures and finishes since
its possible to decorate them from drawings, photos, using digital printing or even handcrafted .

The ultra-light shower tray emerges from our R + D + I development where our materials experts introduce us to the lightest and most impact-resistant shower tray on the market.

It is a product made from the alloy of resins and Gel Coat, combined with a rigid foam of great resistance and chemical compounds with high compaction, which offers us new services in the sector.

Light product

The innovative material that makes up the ultra-light tray facilitates transport and installation, without losing the properties of strength and hardness.

Scratch resistance

Thanks to its compact composition it is resistant to superficial scratches. He received the rating of 5 in the Mohs scale of scratch resistance.

Custom manufacturing

The versatility of the receiver allows to deliver it cut to size if necessary, always leaving the factory to the final size desired by the customer.


All our trays are made with Sanitary Gel Coat, a material that makes the proliferation of germs and bacteria impossible.     

  • 5 years warranty     
  • Range of colors     
  • Made in Spain     
  • Ramp     
  • Thickness 3 cm     
  • Non-skid    
  • Antibacterial     
  • Accessible siphon